Avalanche Rescue Education - Salt Lake City, Utah

Avalanche Rescue Course:

Companion rescue is a last resort, but an essential skill to master, and stay current on as a backcountry partner. This 8-hour, field-based course focuses on the fundamentals of efficient rescue. Instructors will demonstrate, then students will practice all aspects of organizing and leading rescues, including transceiver searches; methodical probing; strategic shoveling; and airbag deployment and re-packing.


This course is a prerequisite to Pro Level 1 and Rec Level 2 and it also pairs well with the Level 1 Refresher Course. Students may travel on skis or split board with skins, or on snowshoes.

Course content will include:

  • Anticipating a rescue: terrain recognition and travel protocols
  • Escape and survival strategies for avalanche victims
  • Rescuer safety, last seen point, communication, common mistakes
  • Transceivers: antennae, range variations, idiosyncrasies
  • Beacon checks, trailhead and full-range; send and receive
  • Single beacon searches, including deep burials
  • Multiple burials; flagging functions with various beacons
  • Basic patient care for avalanche victims; packaging & transport
  • Small & large team rescues: response roles, tactics and scenarios
  • Non-transceiver searches: spot probing; probe lines
  • Gear to carry and recommended training for backcountry travel
  • Emergency response procedures and interfacing with EMS teams

How to Register:

Practicing Rescue Drills

Practicing a team rescue

Photo by Tyson Bradley

Course Details

2023-24 Dates

Dec. 2, 2023
Saturday, 8am-4pm

Dec. 10, 2023
Sunday, 8am-4pm

Dec. 23, 2023
Saturday, 8am-4pm

Dec. 29, 2023
Friday, 8am-4pm

Jan. 13, 2024
Saturday, 8am-4pm

Jan. 26, 2024
Friday, 8am-4pm


1 Day


Salt Lake City, Utah


$219 per person plus tax.

UMA reserves the right to cancel or shorten the clinic if fewer than 2 participants register.


Beginner to Advanced; Avalanche Skills/Awareness or Level 1 recommended

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