Scheduled Course - Women's Specific Backcountry Touring

Wasatch Mavens - Women's Backcountry Series

Share this winter season with renowned professional female guides and athletes during this Women's Specific Backcountry Series and gain the confidence, skills and knowledge to become a connoisseur of the backcountry!

Tired of a one-off class or weekend in the backcountry? Spend 56+ hours of touring alongside professionals and mountain mavens for a fun, unique, season that will take you above and beyond your winter goals in great company.

*AMGA Guides Anna Keeling, Winslow Passey, Emilie Drinkwater and Professional Athlete Amy David will be your mountain mentors and companion throughout the winter! They are personable, relatable backcountry companions and are committed to meet each individual at their current backcountry level and progress from there.

December 7: Meet & Greet
Learn about the program, guides and register (or register here!)

Friday, come and go as you like
5PM - 8PM
Location: Big OR Little Cottonwood Canyon

Clinic #1: Online Gear Talk

December 13 or 14: Webinar or Personal Skype Session

Thursday OR Friday
7PM - 8PM
Location: Your own home!!

  • Hangout with guides via a live interactive webinar to work out all the bugs and figure out touring gear for a smooth season
  • Individual skype session can be scheduled if needed
  • Discuss all of the available avalanche tools (beacon types, avalung vs. airbag, probes, shovels...)
  • Get the look - dial in your backcountry setup from cutting your skins, to setting your pole length to helmets and packs
  • Review what to bring and what not to bring in your pack
  • Identify what to look for when buying/purchasing types of bindings, boots, ski, splitboard etc.
  • Learn how to stay warm while not overheating on the trail
  • Q & A

Clinic #2: Tour Planning, Trailheads & Topography

January 5

8AM – 5PM
Location: Big OR Little Cottonwood Canyon

  • Examine weather forecasts and local advisory
  • Dial in your equipment in the field
  • Learn how to use a compass
  • Practice reading and using maps
  • Plan tours using maps, apps, timelines, and safety margins
  • Utilize apps and resources to optimize your trip
  • Methodize your trip planning
  • Learn how to be a leader or great backcountry companion

Clinic #3: Tackle the Technique of Touring

January 12

8AM – 5PM
Location: Big OR Little Cottonwood Canyon

  • Discover how guides make going uphill fun and rewarding and not difficult!
  • Implement beacon function and distance checks
  • Learn efficient skinning techniques + tips and tricks for touring
  • Uphill kick turns
  • Proper balance with your weight on skins
  • Dial-in skin to ski/board transitions and vice versa
  • Practice rest step, pressure breathing, and setting pace
  • Grasp breaking trail and safe route setting

Clinic #4: Avalanche Skills, Beacon Searches & Rescue Scenarios

January 26

8AM – 5PM
Location: Big OR Little Cottonwood Canyon

  • Find and interpret local mountain weather forecast and avalanche advisory information
  • Learn to identify avalanche terrain
  • Read and determine islands of safety and terrain traps
  • Practice proper route setting
  • Apply "on-the-go" tests
  • Recognize signs of instability
  • Perform beacon searches and rescue scenarios

Clinic #5: Powder/Off-Piste Skiing & Downhill Technique

February 9

8AM – 5PM
Location: Big OR Little Cottonwood Canyon

  • Practice proper procedures for descending
  • Individual coaching for riding in variable snow
  • Learn to read snow surface to find soft turns
  • Steering and unweighting for turning in deep snow
  • Dial downhill kickturns
  • How to find the best snow using aspects, timing, and terrain selection

Clinic #6: Ski the Steeps

February 23

8AM – 5PM
Location: Big OR Little Cottonwood Canyon

  • Learn to manage and ski steep terrain
  • Practice tight turns – learn to take your time on the downhill and enjoy the powder!
  • Get a taste of mountaineering skills
  • Snow travel using crampons
  • Ice axe 101 (self arrests etc.)
  • Create a snow anchor and rappel into skiable terrain

Clinic #7: 2 Day Overnight

March 23 & 24

Saturday & Sunday
2-Day Overnight
Location: Big OR Little Cottonwood Canyon

  • Put it all together with an overnight camping trip. Wake up and ski classic, far-reaching descents outside the Central Wasatch!
  • Circle up with professionals and athletes around at camp for girl talk, mountain monologue, snow sermons and more!
  • UMA provides tent, stoves, breakfast and dinner

Who should take this course?

Girls who:

  • Love to ski and ride and are prone to adventure
  • Want to get out of the confines of the resort
  • Love solitude in the mountains
  • Seeking untracked snow
  • Want to go downhill but also stay fit
  • Connect with new partners
  • Explore the beauty and meditative value of skiing uphill
  • Would like to get a taste for ski mountaineering

How to Register:

Wasatch Mavens Series

Lone Peak

Photo by Andrew Burr

Wasatch Mavens Series

Dry Fork

Photo by Tyson Bradley

Wasatch Mavens Series

Wolverine Cirque

Photo by Tyson Bradley

Wasatch Mavens Series


Photo by Tyson Bradley

Course Details


Fri, Dec 7, 2018
Meet & Greet *FREE*

Thurs, Dec 13 or Fri, Dec 14, 2018
Online Gear Talk

Sat, Jan 5, 2019
Tour Planning, Trailheads & Topography

Sat, Jan 12, 2019
Tackle the Technique of Touring

Sat, Jan 26, 2019
Avalanche Skills, Beacon Drills, & Rescue

Sat, Feb 9, 2019
Powder Skiing & Downhill Technique

Sat, Feb 23, 2019
Steep Terrain + Mountaineering Basics

Sat, Mar 23, 2019
2-Day Overnight, Camp & Ski Novel Lines


Salt Lake City, Utah


$699 - First 6 clinics (no 2-day overnight, total of 5 days in the field)

$899 - All 7 clinics (including the 2-day overnight, total of 7 days in the field)

*UMA requires a 50% deposit to secure your booking. The balance is due once the trip is complete. Installment payments are available upon request.

UMA reserves the right to cancel or shorten the series if fewer than 2 participants register.


Need to feel comfortable making turns on skis or a snowboard in ungroomed snow.

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