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The American Avalanche Association endorses the following training progressions for recreational and professional backcountry tourers who make decisions in avalanche terrain.

Avalanche Education Progression: Recreation and Professional Tracks

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Avalanche Awareness Skills Courses:

Also known as Avi 101 or Avi Awareness, this is intended as a first avalanche course. It's an introduction to companion rescue skills, terrain recognition, snowpack evaluation and safe travel procedures. Backcountry skiers, snowboarders, mountaineers and snowshoers should take this class before venturing into avalanche terrain.

2-Day Touring and Avalanche Skills Course:

During two days of backcountry touring, learn skinning, efficient transitions and downhill technique on skis or splitboard, beacon and rescue skills, safe travel procedures, route selection, terrain recognition and snowpack evaluation while exploring legendary Wasatch terrain. Designed for those who'd like to learn it all in 2 days!

Level 1 Avalanche Courses:

UMA's Level 1, taught in the ideal terrain of the Wasatch, is a 24-hr course, standardized in the USA, and equivalent to AIARE 1. It's designed for backcountry travelers seeking a comprehensive, intermediate-level snow safety course.

Mountaineer & Snowshoe Avalanche Level 1:

Out of sight, out of mind. Avalanches are often associated more with extreme sports such as backcountry skiing, splitboarding and snowmobiling, but not so much with ice climbing or hiking, statistics show otherwise.

Youth Level 1 Avalanche Courses:

UMA's Youth Level 1 is a 24-hr course designed for young backcountry travelers ready for a comprehensive and structured, intermediate-level snow safety course.

Avalanche Rescue Courses:

Companion rescue is a last resort, but an essential skill for backcountry partners to master, and refresh annually. This 8-hour, field-based course focuses on the fundamentals of efficient rescue for students of any level.

Level 1 Refresher Avalanche Courses:

UMA's Refresher is a single-day, field-based review of key Level 1 concepts and skills. Focus is on information-gathering, appropriate terrain selection, and effective decision-making for Level 1 graduates.

Level 2 Avalanche Courses:

Level 2 is a 24-hr advanced avalanche course. Focus is on decision-making for Level 1-experienced backcountry travelers seeking to expand their knowledge of snow science; ski or climb bigger lines; travel in diverse terrain and snowpacks; and ski out-of-bounds safely even when avalanche danger is elevated.

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Avalanche Courses, Classes, Workshops and Seminars - Salt Lake City, Utah - Utah Mountain Adventures

Utah Mountain Adventures' highly-regarded avalanche courses include the, 12-hour, Avalanche Awareness, the popular, 24-hour Avalanche I, and an intensive, 32-hour Level II, geared to the serious professional or recreational practitioner. All courses split time between field sessions and powerpoint lectures, videos, and other visual aids. UMA courses distinguish themselves from many others by offering low student to instructor ratios thus creating a great environment for hands-on education.

The Wasatch Range with its layered snowpack, and abundant, easily accessed avalanche terrain, is an ideal place to learn rescue, stability assessment, route-finding, snow science, safe travel, etc.

Our instructors, many of whom work as professional forecasters for the Utah Avalanche Center, Department of Transportation, heli-ski operations, and ski resorts, are passionate about teaching. Their goal is to arm students with the knowledge to make informed decisions and stay safe. Skiers, snowboarders, mountaineers, snowshoers, snowmobilers, patrollers, forecasters, ice climbers, etc. benefit from UMA courses.