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Rock Climbing Courses

For more info, please choose from the following courses offered by Utah Mountain Adventures:

Rock 1 - Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing:

This clinic teaches the use of climbing equipment, safety, knots, communication, belaying and lowering, movement on rock, anchors, rappelling, rating system and recognition of outdoor hazards.

Rock 2 - Anchors, Rappelling & Intro to Leading:

You'll learn how to set up and clean top rope anchors on bolts, and how to safely lead and lead belay sport climbs, including clipping safely and efficiently, and assessing the safety of a route. Refining fundamental movement, introducing new moves, and pacing on a route are also covered.

Rock 3 - Sport Leading & Advanced Rock Movement:

There's nothing like being on the "sharp end" (of a climbing rope.) Once you lead, you'll be hooked on climbing.

Trad Series: Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing:

Introduction to multi-pitch climbing, placing protection, building anchors and overhanging rappels (1 guide/3 climbers).

Trad Series: Crack Climbing:

This clinic is designed for climbers looking to become comfortable climbing cracks.

Trad Series: Leading Trad:

This clinic is designed for climbers looking to become competent leading natural-protection routes. We will use "mock leading" on a top rope for security, while you learn the intricacies of placing gear on lead, under the watchful eye of a professional climbing guide.

Grand Teton Prep Course:

Instruction in alpine rock climbing, mitigation of mountaineering hazards, and overhanging rappel skills required for climbing the Grand Teton.

Canyoneering Skills:

Instruction includes: Identifying and building anchors, safe rappelling, ascending a rope & lowering.

Advanced Canyoneering Skills:

You'll learn how to set up advanced rappels (redirected, long, into water), how to set your own rappel anchors, efficient ascension systems, escaping pot holes, and understanding 'ghosting' (leave no trace descents).

Self-Rescue / AMGA Course Prep:

There are so many situations when things can go terribly wrong, yet rock-rescue is often overlooked. This Self-Rescue Clinic will instill the skills to help you and your partner deal with the unexpected during a climb.


Guide and students on Pentapitch

Photo by Lane Peters

Rock Climbing - Guiding & Instruction - Utah Mountain Adventures

Join Utah Mountain Adventures for guiding or instruction in Utah's Wasatch range, a world class climbing area with outstanding vertical landscapes of granite, quartzite, limestone and alpine peaks. Learn techniques and routes in Little Cottonwood, Big Cottonwood, Mt. Olympus , Bell's Canyon, etc. Our guides know the routes intimately and can help you excel while making your climb as memorable as the scenery.

Or build skills in a course, such as the Rock Climbing Clinic or Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing Course, Teton Prep, Canyoneering Course, or Learn to Lead. Safety and client satisfaction are paramount at Utah Mountain Adventures. We limit the size of our groups to ensure individual attention from our highly experienced guides.

UMA also specializes in corporate team-building and just-for-fun, group climbing activities. Participants learn trust by belaying and lowering one another under guides' supervision. Climbers overcome fear and push each other while scaling vertical walls and rappelling down. Venues in the Cottonwood Canyons are easily reached, can accommodate large groups, and offer climbing challenges from friendly to 5.13.

View our complete schedule of Salt Lake Rock Climbing Courses.

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