Scheduled Course - Dawn Patrol Days

Dawn Patrol Days

The early bird gets the worm! There's nothing quite as satisfying as seeing the high peaks come to life one by one as the sun gradually illuminates the snow covered ridgelines, knowing you'll soon be riding down the pearly snow, in what may be mistaken as, just a dream. This morning meditation has become a life-giving ritual for some and for others a cold awakening never to be spoken of again. Either way, you'll have to find out for yourself!

Set your alarms and don't you dare hit snooze. The plan is to meet every other Wednesday at 6am – and be done by 9am Hammer out an early morning training session, ride the fresh goods and shoot the breeze alongside your local, friendly UMA Guides.

How to Register:

Dawn Patrol Days

Dawn Patrol Days

Course Details

2022-23 Dates

Dec 14, 2022 Wednesday
Jan 4, 2023 Wednesday
Jan 18, 2023 Wednesday
Feb 1, 2023 Wednesday
Feb 15, 2023 Wednesday
Mar 1, 2023 Wednesday
Mar 29, 2023 Wednesday
Apr 12, 2023 Wednesday


6:00am to 9:00am


Salt Lake City, Utah


$100 per person plus tax

UMA reserves the right to cancel or shorten the clinic if fewer than 2 participants register.


Intermediate: Must be comfortable hiking 3000' vertical at a swift pace in a day (6 hours) and be familiar with your touring gear. Riders & skiers must be confident and in control on ungroomed snow and in variable snow conditions (hard pack, powder, zipper crust) in trees or open bowls.

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