Avalanche Education & Backcountry Skiing

Weekend Touring and Avalanche Skills Course:

During two days of touring, learn avalanche skills, beacon rescue, safe route selection, efficient skinning, downhill technique on skis and split-snowboard, and enjoy legendary Wasatch terrain. Designed for those who'd like to learn it all in a weekend!


Instructors will initially focus on equipment and procedures for travel in avalanche terrain. They will discuss choice of tours based on present conditions and projected weather as well as current avalanche hazard. Techniques for maximizing efficiency on skins and trail setting will be reviewed. Special attention will be given to kick turning skills and tricks. The guides will address route selection as the party ascends to appropriate runs.

Guides will coach participants in transitions to downhill mode and proper procedures for descent in avalanche-prone terrain. Techniques for skiing and boarding in untracked snow will be demonstrated. Each participant will be given individual tips on how to improve downhill skills. Time will be allowed for lunch, snacks, water breaks and enjoyment of the winter Wasatch environment. Guides may demonstrate and give students a chance to do practice beacon searches.

The second day will be a longer tour, usually reaching a classic Wasatch bowl or skiable peak. Participants will apply skinning, downhill, and avalanche procedures while enjoying the best terrain and snow conditions available. Guides will dig a snowpit and demonstrate other snow stability assessment techniques as the party travels. Instructor will suggest good tours for students to do on their own, and offer insights into a progression of tours to enable goals to be achieved.

How to Register:

Powder skiing in the backcountry

Powder Splitboarding in the Backcountry

Photo by Kelly Robbins

Skier Triggered Avalanche

Skier Triggered Avalanche

Photo by Bruce Tremper

Course Details

2019-20 Dates

Dec 28 & 29, 2019
Sat (8am-4pm) & Sun (8am-4pm)

Jan 11 & 12, 2020
Sat (8am-4pm) & Sun (8am-4pm)

Feb 8 & 9, 2020
Sat (8am-4pm) & Sun (8am-4pm)

Feb 29 & Mar 1, 2020
Sat (8am-4pm) & Sun (8am-4pm)


Two full days in the backcountry


Salt Lake City, Utah


$399 pp+tax for both days

UMA reserves the right to cancel or shorten the clinic if fewer than 2 participants register.


Introductory. No Backcountry Experience Necessary.

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