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Frequently Asked Questions - Rock Climbing

Can I lead?

We teach learn-to-lead classes, but a back-up top-rope is always included for safety. Typically the guide belays on a gri-gri while jugging up a fixed rope beside the new leader. This enables the instructor to give immediate feedback on the effectiveness of cam and stopper placements.

How old do I need to be to climb?

For custom guiding and instruction, there is no restriction. Students must be at least 14 years of age to join a group class. Even five and six-year olds seem to enjoy rock-climbs with short approaches and lots of holds. Longer approaches and multi-pitch climbing is typically not appropriate for kids under 10.

Should I wear pants or shorts?

Many warm days are better for shorts, but always carry a pair of water-resistant pants in case it gets cool, windy or rainy. Shorts should always be long enough to go under the entire harness. Granite climbs can be abrasive on bare skin.


Eric Shmookler on "Tingey's Terror"

Photography by Tyson Bradley

How tight should my rock shoes fit?

If you are doing multi-pitch climb and / or just learning, get a half-size bigger shoe than the sales or rental clerk recommends. Nothing spoils the fun quicker than foot pain. If you are trying to progress upward from a level at 5.10 or above, the old saying is true: No pain, no gain. Fit 'em snug!

Where do I meet my guide?

The guide will arrange a specific meeting location and time with you specifically. Most commonly, this location is the Big Cottonwood Canyon Park & Ride Lot.

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