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For more info, please select from the following backcountry skiing / snowboarding classes offered by Utah Mountain Adventures:

Intro to Backcountry Skiing & Splitboarding:

This backcountry touring course teaches the fundamentals of backcountry skiing and splitboarding.

Wednesdays Getaways:

Sneak out of the house and into the backcountry on Wednesdays with fellow backcountry enthusiasts.

Dawn Patrol Days:

The early bird gets the worm! There's nothing quite as satisfying as seeing the high peaks come to life one by one as the sun gradually illuminates the snow covered ridgelines, knowing you'll soon be riding down the pearly snow, in what may be mistaken as, just a dream.

Junior Backcountry Skiing:

Learn backcountry touring skills, avalanche terrain recognition and risk mitigation in the company of other young skiers and splitboarders. This is a fun day of touring with a friendly, professional UMA guide.

2-Day Touring and Avalanche Skills Course:

During two days of touring, learn avalanche skills, beacon rescue, safe route selection, efficient skinning, downhill technique on skis and split-snowboard, and enjoy legendary Wasatch terrain.

Advanced Backcountry Camp:

This 3-day, field-based seminar will bring participants to a variety of classic Wasatch backcountry ski terrain. Participants should be experienced backcountry skiers or split-boarders, comfortable skiing advanced terrain in un-groomed snow and willing to skin 3,000 feet + per day.

Ski Mountaineering Camp:

This is an intensive, 3-day, field-based seminar designed to take your backcountry ski / snowboard mountaineering to the next level. A precursor for ski objectives in the Tetons, Rainier, Denali or the Alps, the course also enables participants to ski incredible peaks and couloirs in the Wasatch Mountains.

Women's Backcountry Series:

Tired of a one-off class? Tour 56+ hours alongside professionals and mountain mavens for a fun, unique, season that will take you above and beyond your winter goals in great company.

Backcountry Mentorship:

Similar to the Wasatch Mavens, this program is a season-long backcountry development series meant to bring the men in our community together over a common passion of skiing & riding outside the confines of the resort.

LGBTQ+ Backcountry Mentorship:

This program is for LGBTQ+ adults who are advanced skiers and riders, but lack the skills and knowledge to plan and implement their own backcountry tours. Participants will begin by learning the foundations of backcountry skiing and splitboarding.

Backcountry Skiing Utah

Backcountry Skiing Scheduled Courses

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Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding - Utah Mountain Adventures

Leave the crowds behind, and expand your skiing and snowboarding horizons! Traveling out-ofbounds, using climbing skins and alpine touring (AT) or telemark binding, or a split-board is becoming tremendously popular.

AT skis and splitboards are available for rent from UMA and local shops.

Touring is the perfect sport for those who hike or climb in summer and love to ski or snowboard in winter. Skinning facilitates approach and egress from peaks in winter and spring that would take far longer without. Solitude, cardio-vascular exercise, and adventurous runs are all part of the "off-piste" experience.

The Wasatch Range offers easy lift and trailhead access to deep, light snow in wide-open bowls, protected glades, and steep chutes.

Lift access is available from Alta, Brighton, The Canyons and Snowbird.

Trailhead access is available in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons and Millcreek, etc.

A knowledgeable UMA guide will lead you into the finest snow and terrain. Our guides keep abreast of the avalanche, snow and weather conditions to choose the best tours. They take into consideration both your fitness level and downhill ability to select the appropriate routes for you.

UMA guides pace you and teach you how to travel uphill efficiently, working on rest-step and kick-turning techniques and progress only as fast as you feel comfortable. They give you plenty of time to rest, enjoy the view and take photos. UMA guides demonstrate how to transition between the uphill and downhill modes and teach as much about avalanche hazard evaluation, route finding and other skills as you want to learn.

Skiers and snowboarders of all ability levels improve techniques, discover new terrain, and build leadership skills.

For more information on backcountry skiing & snowboarding classes in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, please view our Backcountry Skiing & Splitboarding Courses.

We also offer private Guided Backcountry Touring & Instruction in the Wasatch Range in and around the Salt Lake area.