Scheduled Course - Intro to Backcountry Skiing & Splitboarding

Intro to Backcountry Skiing & Splitboarding

This backcountry touring course teaches the fundamentals of backcountry skiing and splitboarding. When it comes to transitioning from in bounds to out of bounds, it will accelerate the learning curve and set you on the right track for your backcountry career. You'll get lots of uphill skinning practice and plenty of time for backcountry runs on one or more slopes. Time will be allowed for lunch, snacks, water breaks, creating an enjoyable learning pace through the winter Wasatch environment.

We've made this class more affordable; it's a must-have pre-requisite to the Level 1 Avalanche Course if you are new to your gear and have no experience uphill skinning or skiing/riding backcountry conditions.


Instructors will initially focus on equipment and procedures for travel in avalanche terrain. Techniques for maximizing efficiency on skins and trail setting will be reviewed. Special attention will be given to kick turning skills.

Guides will address route selection as the party ascends to appropriate runs. Guides will coach participants in transitions to downhill mode and proper procedures for descent in avalanche-prone terrain. Techniques for skiing and boarding in untracked snow will be demonstrated. Each participant will be given individual tips on how to improve downhill skills. However, general downhill skiing skills are best learned at a ski resort from an instructor.

Instructors will suggest good tours for students to do on their own, and offer insights into a progression of tours and ski mountaineering ascents to enable goals to be achieved.

Topics Include:

  • Understand backcountry gear, what works & what doesn't + pros & cons
  • Grasp basic route finding and navigational skills
  • Learn how to skin uphill efficiently & transition quickly from uphill to downhill
  • Know what to pack and how to stay warm, energized and hydrated
  • Learn how to use your avi equipment
  • Improve your ability to ski or ride in backcountry conditions

How to Register:

Backcountry Touring Clinic

Backcountry Touring Clinic

Photo by Lee Cohen

Typically, the party will ski multiple runs on one or more slopes. Instructor will suggest good tours for students to do on their own, and offer insights into a progression of tours and ski mountaineering ascents to enable goals to be achieved.

Course Details

2022-23 Dates

Dec 7, 2022 Saturday
Dec 11, 2022 Sunday
Jan 2, 2023 Monday
Jan 14, 2023 Saturday (MLK)
Jan 23, 2023 Monday
Feb 4, 2023 Saturday
Feb 13, 2023 Monday
Mar 4, 2023 Saturday
Mar 18, 2023 Saturday


Full Day, 8am - 4pm


Salt Lake City, Utah


$199 per person plus tax

UMA reserves the right to cancel or shorten the clinic if fewer than 2 participants register.


Introductory. No backcountry experience necessary. Resort skiing experience is required; participants must be able to link controlled, parallel turns on blue runs without stopping regularly. Experience skiing off the groomed runs (in soft or variable snow conditions in control) is important and highly recommended prior to this course.

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