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Rock 1 - Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing:

This rock course is for total newbies and/or gym climbers making the transition to the outdoors, this class will give you a solid foundation to build on.


Instructors will teach you the basics of rock climbing, from how the gear works to how to move on rock. Whether you're a first timer or you're looking to move from the gym to outdoors, this class has you covered. You'll learn how to fit a harness and helmet, how to tie in, safely belay in a top rope system, what a top rope system is, clear and safe communication between climber and belayer, how to rappel, the basics of climbing protection, fundamental movement on rock, and crag etiquette. This is the class to get you started!

  • Rock climbing gear 101: how to use a helmet, harness & shoes
  • Learn to tie in with a figure 8 knot
  • Understand what a top rope system is
  • Master how to belay and lower a climber on top rope
  • Gain fundamental efficient movement on real rock
  • Practice clear and safe communication between climber and belayer
  • Establish crag etiquette

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Any of our pre-scheduled courses can be run as custom outings. If you're interested in a course but the dates don't fit your schedule please check out our custom guiding options.

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Climbing at Reservoir Ridge

Climbing at Reservoir Ridge

Photography by Tyson Bradley

Climbing at Reservoir Ridge

Introduction to Rock Climbing

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2024 Dates

April 20, 2024 Saturday
May 11, 2024 Saturday
June 1, 2024 Saturday
June 22, 2024 Saturday
July 20, 2024 Sunday
August 10, 2024 Saturday
August 31, 2024 Saturday
Sept 14, 2024 Saturday


Full Day


Salt Lake City, Utah


$219 per person plus tax.

UMA reserves the right to cancel or shorten the clinic if fewer than 3 participants register.


Introductory. No experience necessary.

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